Eberron Game Cafe

Game On - Tomorrow Sunday Sept 27th

I talked with Ron today. I’ll be done with Recruits by 3pm, so I can meet for 5pm gaming if the group is interested. Post if you can make it, or just show up. If we are short most of the group we could do a side mini something.


No game on the 20th, right?

Pretty sure we don’t meet this upcomming Sunday. Tom has a family event.

When We Meet - September 13th at 5-830pm

Let’s not play this week. Store has been really busy, my family wants to get together, and we can get together next weekend hopefully more easily.

Rico – When is your baby due?

NEXT GAME how about Sunday, the 13th at 5pm-830pm. Hopefully everyone can make it for the temple delve. More will be learned about what is happening in the storyline…

...What is the reason for the undead you have encountered in the temple? What is up with Artimole and his chief financial officier that Prospero doesn’t like? What part does Rhiner play in all of this, and what happened to the temple he is in charge of?

The information you got last week individually is not necessarily known by anyone else in the group, so do with that information as you will….

There won’t be a game the weekend of the 20th, because it is a double birthday for my family (Julie and Noah). Recruits is the following weekend. I’ll have a booth at Recruits, but it is over at 2pm on Sunday, so we could still play if it works for people’s schedules.


When We Meet

August 30th 5pm – 830pm at Game Cafe

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